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Little code of the naturist " Savoir-vivre "

Nudity is an essential part of naturism, but respect for other persons and nature as well as tolerance is the essence. Maybe this explains why naturism has become so popular these days.

Nudity ... Try to achieve a complete nudity on the domain as well as the beach, except if the weather conditions make this impossible.

Respect other people and the surroundings ... Avoid to make to much noise (motors, television, radio etc...) respect other peoples property, don't forget the bags to clean up your dog's dropping (provided by the reception), don't throw away cigarettes and bottles in the nature.

Being polite ... a simple "hello" to people you meet. In the domain we share the road (motorized vehicles, bikes, pedestrians). The maximum speed limit is 10 km per hour, between 11pm and 7am all traffic in the domain is prohibited (you will find a parking at the entrance) and just be in a good mood... those small things will make life together easier and nicer.

House rules of Natu-Resort & Spa Arnaoutchot

Our pets
...Vaccination against rabies, tattoo and identification leash are mandatory (you have to show the certificate) In the domain they have to be kept on a leash. They are not allowed in the toilet buildings, the beach and the swimming pool. We kindly ask you to take the animals outside the domain for their walk, in case you have a little incident you can get a paper bag at the reception.

... Our center is meant for families. Customers who wish to visit our center for the first time have to be introduced by a family that has been with us since at least 3 years. 

.... When you have guests you have to report them at the reception. They should leave their car at the entrance and pay the visitor fees.

... Barbecues (coal, wood...) are prohibited outside the designated areas. The direction is not responsible for falling trees and branches which could damage camping installations and vehicle. Each client has to have an assurance for his or her material as well as a third party insurance.

... Household rubbish must be put into bags and placed only in the bins situated at the entrance of the campsite, in the designated garbage collecting point. Recycling bins for: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass etc. are also at your disposal at the entrance. You will also find a compost bin for your biodegradable wastes (fruits, vegetables,
eggshells…) that must be put loose in the designated container. The water points are strictly for water supply. Washing clothes or vegetables at these points is prohibited.

Environment : Les Clefs Vertes 
This is a European environmental label for campsites given by the FEEE: comparable to the pavillon bleu for beaches. The criteria a campsite has to meet to obtain the Clef Verte label where reviewed for the 2003 campaign. 
These criteria concern 7 environmental issues : 
- The quality of life at the terrain, 
- The way the environment is handled,
- The way garbage is handled, 
- Use of water,
- Use of energy,
- Informing and making the customers and the personnel aware,
- The security.