Nature activities in Arnaoutchot

Because communing with nature is what all our holidaymakers are looking for, we offer a range of workshops at our resort all about the local flora and fauna.

Arna’s nature workshops

In order to protect somewhere, you have to know it well. We invite you to take part in workshops organised with the national forestry office in the heart of our 45-hectare pine forest, as well as hikes and walks where you can discover the local flora and fauna including birds, roe deer, and squirrels. Each year, we also organise two days with a cross-country race and waste collection on our beach in conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation.

The naturist centre’s permaculture garden

At Arna we have created a garden using agroecology and permaculture principles. In this miniature forest there is a mix of edible trees and shrubs, flowers and vegetables, herbs, ancient grains, including local varieties and those that are in danger of disappearing. We use no chemicals, little or no watering and compost produced by our clients. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to explore and taste this truly green corner of paradise!

Everyone is involved

We can all do something for the environment. Watch how much water you use, recycle or compost your waste at our recycling centre, chose your bike rather than your car... anything and everything you do to support the environment is appreciated at Arna. Our naturist resort holds a Clef Verte award, which proves our environmental credentials. As far as possible, we aim to be environmentally responsible, by ensuring our buildings blend into their natural surroundings, setting up a market selling local produce and by using electric vehicles.

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